“El Día de la Música” at IdN Video v19n1. High-End TVC.

Día de la Música at IdN World.


TLC is key to a good TVC

The amount of time, effort and money poured into a 30-60-second TV commercial these days can equivalate to that of a medium-budget feature film. Yet as the means of reaching a target market change with the proliferation of new communications technology, the reliance on big-money, big-star advertising could soon become a thing of the past — which is good news for innovative producers with compelling ideas, however niche. We have come up with a block-busting 50-plus examples of what their creators think is good TVC in the hope that you will be as inspired as they were.

TLC es la clave para un buen TVC

La cantidad de dinero, esfuerzo y dinero puesto en los 30-60 segundos de un anuncio de TV puede equivaler al invertido en una película de medio presupuesto. Con el hecho de que el mercado objetivo cambia con la proliferación de las nuevas tecnologías de la comunicación, la confianza en la publicidad del big-money/big-star podría ser pronto cosa del pasado, lo que son buenas noticias para los productores innovadores con buenas ideas. IdN te trae más de 50 exitosos ejemplos de lo que sus creadores piensan es un buen TVC con la esperanza de que te inspirarán tanto como les inspiraron a ellos.


– Apotek Hjartat – Long Live Life by ACNE Production
– Apotek Hjartat – Long Live Life making of by ACNE Production
– Monki by ACNE Production
– WWF – Heroes of The UAE by Asylum Films
– Audi A7- Imagination by Blind Jelly London
– Nokia N8 Pink – Freedom by Blinkink
– The Body Shop – Earth Lovers by Blinkink
– V-Spider by Cirkus
– Día de la Música by David Salaices
– NTTDocomo – Xylophone by Drill Inc.
– NTTDocomo – Xylophone making of by Drill Inc.
– Tempo – Bike ‘As Life Unfolds’ by Film Club Productions
– Tempo – Bike ‘As Life Unfolds’ making of by Film Club Productions
– Toyota Hybrid – Fuel by FLMS
– Toyota Hybrid – Reliability by FLMS
– Toyota Hybrid – Silence by FLMS
– Toyota Hybrid – Together by FLMS
– Stihl – Inside/Outside by Goodoil Films
– Tropicana – Flipbook by Imaginary Forces
– PTK Centertel – ORANGE – In The Land Of Talking series by Leo Burnett
– LEVIS – Waterless by m ss ng p eces
– LEVIS – Waterless making of by m ss ng p eces
– Oregon Lottery – Santa’s Beard by Nathan Love
– Bacadi – Manifesto by Nexus
– Coca Cola – Siege by Nexus
– Jack Daniels – Tenessee Honey by Passion Picture
– Onitsuka Tiger- Kobe, Aisen by PostPanic
– Weetabix – Dancer by Pretty Bird
– Weetabix – Dancer making of by Pretty Bird
– Staples series – Advogado, Casa, Professora by Take it Easy
– Toyota – Family by The Sweet Shop
– Toyota – Glass Organ by The Sweet Shop
– Toyota – Harmony by The Sweet Shop
– Crest, Oral-b – Scary Things by Tim Bierbaum
– Nike – Run Cool by Vitamin
– Coca Cola – Be Coke by We Make Art
– Johnnie Walker – Rock Giant by Gorgerous & Zohar Cinema
– Antalis Calendar by CoDesign
– 8,000 glasses of water per day MV for the pancakes by Overload Dance
– Digital Hug by Pill & Pillow
– SoundYeah by Pill & Pillow
– Paper Record Player by Kelli Anderson
– Make it Better by Climent Canal
– The Pilot MV for lgnug by Melvin Galapon
– Never Let It End by Oscar Bolton Green
– Bridging the Gap by Ross Gunter
– Towards a poetic morphology by The Cloud Collective
– Tiger Translate Beijing by Tiger Translate



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